The Fairy Shed

Samford Valley Garden Centre is a unique setting in the middle of Samford Village nestled in the heart of Samford Valley. One of it’s unique features is it’s Fairy Shed. Full of fairies, gnomes, dragons, tree people, frogs, dragon flies, unicorns and so much more, it is a delight to visit whether you are young or just ‘young at heart’.

The actual shed has been there a few years now but in 2021 with the help of our brother in law, Eric Hall of E.J. Hall Constructions, Everton Park, we created and rebuilt a fairy, gnome & dragon ‘dream tree house’ for our little friends.

Towering above the surrounding gardens to a height of nearly 3 metres and with ‘Old Man’ Tree overseeing & protecting it, the fairies, gnomes & dragons moved back into their multi story home which includes a second story window to look out from and a ground floor stained glass window for the Gnomes to oversee the garden. Since then frogs, lady bugs, dragon flies, unicorns and many other creatures have made it their home as well.

Check it out below but why don’t you come and see it in the flesh at the nursery. Our little friends would be thrilled to meet you.